Daylight, Red light and identity

Identity is much more fluid here than in the west. Not fixed. Hung from a flag pole in need celebrating. What is celebrated is family. As long as one contributes to the care of their family why should it matter how the contribution transpired?

I wasn’t meaning to take pictures of working girls. Walking. My eye catches a scene. Expressive of a moment in someones life. Work plays such a defining role in our identity. After a few nights and days I had 20 or so pictures. A story of sorts.  Getting paid as a raison d’etat isn’t so unusually… My concentration is broken… “WELCOME. Just one drink. WHY?”… “Masssa Sirrr? You come tomorrow?”. The screeching does my head in. Money makes the world go round. A merry-go-round of long nights stretched into the daybreak hours.  I don’t judge. Drinks. Music. Lights. Sabai Sabai. Thai’s know how to party. Have fun. make you feel …. comfortable. A cultural thing? Walking to my hotel. “Where you go? I go wit chu?” Excuses are easy to find. Rejection easy to take. When you divorce your SELF from the transaction. Your SELF is not the thing for sale. Your SELF is somewhere far, far away.



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