The 15th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year is designated as Lantern Festival day and in Taiwan the big event happens in Pingxi township a breezy 45 minute train ride east of the capital, Taipei. The Pingxi Lantern Festival is a true international festival drawing participants from all over Taiwan, neighbouring Japan, Korea, China and a smattering of visitors from all over the globe.  Like many great festivals around the world, its popularity has outgrown its humble origins. The event night involves spectacular Chinese cultural performances of song and dance played out to an audience of snapping photographers and awe struck visitors. But it’s the raising of lanterns, lovingly handwritten with good wishes for the new year, that everyone comes to see. The night develops into a wondrous celebration of colour and light as the glowing hues of red, orange and yellow emitted by the fire-powered rice paper lanterns, all set off in unison, contrast against the dark sky before drifting slowly off into the ether.