What is the colour of love? Sickly red and blue? Or faded miami pink and pastel hues… The colours of night are advertised in neon. Splashed about the pavement. In the sky. Painted across the faces of the bar girls perched on bar stools slowly sipping Leo beer through a lipstick coated straw.  A solitary ice cube bobbing against the rim with each small sip. Marking time. Time spent waiting is time spent without anything to show for it. Time is indeed a cruel master. Free days to visit home come and pass too briefly. They come and go like the seasons. The cooler high season, when tourists pack the bars and the humid low season, when the monsoon rains blanket the cities and keeps the customers away. Just as the daylight soon gives way to the night time. The reds and blues and babydoll pink lights flicker to life again. Smiles switched on. Show time.